General Questions

We ensure that the employees are bound by a contract that ensures confidentiality and damages paid if broken. Your phone number and email are the only personal details that are visible to our staff who are the support members only. The writer receives your order based on your I.D. number.

Yes, you may call us or chat with us at any time because we have staff who work round the clock to serve you.

The writers who manage to be hired in our company have to pass a series of tests based on their expertise. These writers are from all over the world. Once a writer passes all the tests, he/she is placed on probation for two months to ascertain that his/her skill set is indeed worthy of working on your orders. On passing the probation, the writer can then work on your orders, as well as go through frequent training to keep up with the dynamic world.

Yes, you have the opportunity to make you choice based on your preferences.

The process has been illustrated in a simplified way. Click here.