Research Paper Topics for College Students

Going through college is a challenge in itself. What with the pressure to learn about time management and adjust to college life. However, the main challenge student’s face is writing a research paper.

College students do not relish sitting down for hours working on a single paper. No one does!

I know you are probably devising ways of avoiding research papers. Well, they are part and parcel of college life. In fact, you might be expected to write one for each subject. In most cases, your teacher will provide the research topic.

In case they don’t, read widely and come up with an Research Paper Topics for College Studentsinteresting one.

Ever Wondered How to Choose the Right Topic?

We have established that this is a daunting, but necessary task. Go for a topic that is interesting. You do not want your teacher yawning after the first sentence.

So, capture their interest by choosing an issue that is thought-provoking. Remember that innovative ideas motivate readers to read to the end.

What is the paper about? Why is it important? Why should I read it?  Ever read a paper written by a newbie? I have, and I kept asking myself what the main idea was. In fact, I gave up halfway through the paper.

Therefore, ensure that your work makes sense to you. That way, you will have more to write about. If you do not understand the topic, it is okay to ask for help.

1. Cyber Security

Our lives revolve around the cyber world. We are constantly sending and receiving emails, booking flights, shopping and conducting monetary transactions.

We all know that governments have put in place security measures to protect data. How many times have you lost data? How many times have you received unsolicited messages?

It is an interesting topic worth studying.

2. Using Technology to Fight Terror Attacks

Is it possible to use social media to prevent terrorism worldwide? Terror groups use media platforms to recruit, organize, and spread propaganda. So, I think is it possible.

Security personnel can use technology to determine terror trends. If you are a fan of technology and solving global problems, then this here is your topic.

3. Sustainable Development

Which is more important? Is it Mother Nature or development?

It is a topic that continues to elicit diverging views from experts. Sustainable development accommodates both aspects. It advocates for development while conserving and protecting the environment.

4. What is the effect of Fats on Ice cream Tastes?

Both children and adults love ice cream. Over the years, producers have introduced artificial additives, such as fats. Today, ice cream does not taste like what it used to in the past.

Therefore, you can research this topic to explain to readers the role of fats in the evolving taste of ice cream.

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5. E-business

You probably have bought something online. Ever wondered how that business came about that enabled you to make that purchase?

Well, this here is a topic you can write about.

The internet is a great platform that has enabled many businesses to flourish hence you can come up with many ideas to highlight the pros and cons of this platform.

6. Drug Legalization

This is a very sensitive topic as it has many viewpoints.

The parents and older generation would prefer that drugs not to be legalized. Manufacturers on the other hand would prefer a certain age probably 18 years old to be legal so as to drive sales.

There are many stakeholders in this issues hence it is important to consider arguments from all sides so as to come up with the most suitable age.

7. Gun Control

We all have heard of how guns in the wrong hands have led to untimely deaths especially in schools. The access to these weapons and how they should be used should be clearly stated.

Who is authorized to operate guns? In what capacity should they be used? All these need to be clarified so as to protect innocent lives and keep the community safe. Such a topic makes a great research paper.

8. Police Brutality

There have been numerous hashtags such as #police brutality, #all lives matter #black lives matter #children’s lives matter.

All these are meant to bring awareness and condemn the acts of the police that are inhumane. Such a topic can make great content especially if you are an activist and care about human rights.

9. Doping In Sports

Think about this scenario. You are an athlete who wants to win a medal and have this immense pressure to perform.

You will probably get into unscrupulous means that will enable you to perform better. This includes use of drugs to enhance athletic performance.

This is not an uncommon practice in sports and can make a great research paper highlighting the common symptoms, drugs used and the effects.

10. College Admission Policies

Getting into a college is not an easy task. There are a number of requirements that you need to fulfill to secure that sport.

As a college student, you can highlight your own journey and what preparations you did to enable you to get into your current college. Enlighten people on how you feel about these admission policies.

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