US History College Essay Topics

History shapes countries and leaders. Countries, such the U.S have tried to correct the mistakes made in the past and also tried to replicate past successes. A U.S History class explores different issues that the country grappled with in the past. Students and teachers revisit these events and apply them to current events.

Students taking this class should familiarize themselves with topics that tackle U.S history. These concepts are essential to your success in the class. History essays may include any topic, so, read all history topics and master all the main ideas.

Discovery and Settlement of the New World

Historians differ on the consequences of the European invasion of the Americas. With their invasion, the natives’ way of life changed drastically. Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. After his discovery, many power-hungry individuals organized their expeditions to the Americas. Discovery of the New World is a topic that teachers often test in essays. So, revise your history before you sit for class.US History College Essay Topics

The Baby Boom

After World War II, the country experienced exponential growth. The famous baby boom took place between 1946 and 1964. The Baby Boom era influenced the country’s economy. Baby products, such as toys, furniture, and food flew off the retail shelves in record time. This is an important topic in U.S history that teachers like to tests in essays.

The Civil War

Many Americans know about the Civil War. It is an important war in U.S history. It took place when Lincoln was in power. However, many students do not know the details of the war. For example, few know that the national army had less than twenty thousand soldiers. Additionally, northerners and southerners disagreed on how to finance the war. These are important facts that will earn you points in your essay.

War on Drugs

During Ronald Reagan’s reign as President of the U.S, there was concern about the increase in the use of illegal drugs. In response, the president set aside 1.7 billion dollars to help in the fight on drug use. Today, the country continues to grapple with the same problem. It is an interesting topic that teachers might test in an essay.

The Black Power Movement

One hundred years after the Emancipation Act of 1863, African Americans were still subjected to racial injustice. The courts legalized segregation in the country. The main aim of the movement was to ensure equality in the country. The nationalists wanted all citizens in the country to co-exist peacefully. Historical injustice against Blacks is another interesting topic in U.S history that teachers often explore. It is an event that shaped the politics and social outlook of the country.